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Help Is there a scanning app that can resize the pictures to a certain paper size?

I'm looking for an app to scan documents and convert them to PDF, I know, there's many apps that can do that but all the ones I have tried can't resize the picture taken to a given paper size (like letter or A4) without leaving white bars on the sides.

I have attached two pdf files on this thread, one document was scanned using an app called Genius Scan

As you can see on the first page there's white bars on the sides and on the second page there's white bars at the top and the bottom of the page.

The same document was scanned using Scanner Pro on iOS , and this is the desired result

There's no white bars and the content is resized to fill all the space on the page, which is letter size on both cases.

Is there any app that can do this on Android? I couldn't find any


  • Genius scan (Android).pdf
    3.7 MB · Views: 75
  • Scanner Pro (iOS).pdf
    927.3 KB · Views: 76


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