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Is there a way to disable my Dispaly from Sleep?


Jul 12, 2012
I want to know if there's away to make it so that my droid doesn't Sleep after x amount of time of inactivity. When I go to Settings>Display, I only get to choose from 15 seconds to 10 Mins of time until my display "Sleeps" I want it to just stay on until I turn it off myself. Any way to do this?

Thanks to those who help
I don't know why he doesn't want it to blank but I know before when I was riding my bike for 2 hrs, the application didn't keep my screen from blanking and I would have to reach up to the cell phone holder and turn my phone back on about 10 time in 2 hrs. reaching up to turn the phone back on 10 times in 2 hrs when you are riding at 17 to 19 mph is tricky to say the least, now I use digifit and it doesnt allow the screen to blank.
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