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Is there an app for that? (HTML Editor)


Apr 3, 2010
  1. Setting up a 5th grade class with Android tablets (running Froyo).
  2. They are using pbworks (social wiki/blog tool) to communicate with students in other countries.
  3. They need to edit their pbworks pages.
  4. Everything on the pbworks pages works fine on the tablets, except when they try to edit their pages, in an editor much like the one I am typing in right now.
  5. Rather than pop the keyboard on the screen when they tap on the text field, the whole "box" highlights during the press and nothing happens.
  6. Not sure if there is a supporting app resource I need to install to make HTML editors like these accessible on Andriod?
  7. I tried many different browsers thinking that might be the issue. Willing to try more.

Questions, clarifications, and input appreciated!



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