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Is there an app that automatically fixes music file tags, artists, songs etc???


Apr 19, 2012
Hey guys. I've searched around and can't find an app that will automatically look through your music files and fix those that have missing artists, song names or where the artist is actually in the song name area. Perhaps something that will compare the file against a database and automatically correct the tags with proper artist, song etc?

I have an HTC Evo and use doubletwist with about 1100 songs on my 32gb micro sd card.

Does such an app exist?
I've got over 3500 songs on a 32GB card on my Desire HD and recently went through the whole lot doing what you want to do. However, I did it manually using mp3tags on my PC. I would think that any database that exists would only have tags for songs ripped from CDs and they would rely on the 'ripper' getting all the tags right in the first place. This isn't a given as a lot of mine were incomplete and I found some that were just plain wrong! I also have a fair few songs that have been transferred from vinyl to the PC then converted to mp3 format.

It's not actually that onerous a task once you get the hang of the tags software you decide to use. Do a few albums each day and you'll soon be through the lot. Just plan on getting the tags right first time when you get more vibes.


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