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Is there an app that plays streaming audio with URL as input? Please help


Oct 27, 2011
I'm looking for an app that plays streaming audio with URL as input. I have a url http://4333.live.streamtheworld.com:80/WCBSAMCMP3 which I would like to play on my android device
(Motorola Droid X).
I tried a few android media/music players including winamp but none of them has an option to play a streaming URL like above. Please recommend me one.
Also if possible I want to create a shortcut icon or something on home screen on which if I tap should start playing the radio immediately. Thanks in advance.
Actually streaming video is possible. It is just that the video source must have extra processing. Search internet and they say use the utility MP4Box -hint <file> to create a .mp4 file that support progressive streaming mode. MP4Box software (MP4Box | GPAC) However depending on the bandwidth you may experience choppy effect.

As for audio streaming, I am not sure perhaps need some extra processing like video also?
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I can play that url using cherry Rplayer on my Nexus S 4g. Here is how I got it to play...

Installed Cherry Rplayer and then on my computer using Google Chrome I opened the url and sent it to the phone using chrome to phone.

My phone then prompted me for an app to open the url...I chose Cherry Rplayer and the stream started playing. Once its playing you can favorite it. Hope it works for you
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Was going to do a new thread, then found this one.

I finally uninstalled CBS's horrid Radio.com app. Suffice it to say, it sucks! And considering there hasn't been an update since September while it and its sister Yahoo Radio app are getting thoroughly trashed in the comments on Android Market, I assume that it won't get updated anytime soon.

Anyone know of a good lightweight streaming app that allows direct input of URLs? I know the naming scheme for the various streams of CBS stations, so that's not a problem. I tried the Cherry Rplayer, but it won't play any of the CBS streams, including the one it lists (while it does play other streams, like public radio). Also tried MediaU, but that's a pretty big app, even when installed on SD.

I currently have TuneIn (which doesn't allow direct URL input as far as I can tell) and IHeartRadio (an excellent app nonetheless tied in to its own stations).

So, what I'm looking for is a good, stable, lightweight app that can stream CBS stations. Any suggestions?
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I was exactly in your situation, where CBS Radio's embargo of TuneIn left me without the ability to listen to their streams without the wretched CBS app.

To play back CBS and other "backdoor" MP3 streams on Android, I enthusiastically recommend rplayer (which is not to be confused with Cherry RPlayer). I use it on an HTC EVO, Motorola Triumph, and Samsung Galaxy tab (Honeycomb 3.2)

The app's interface allows for simple entry of custom streaming links and storing them as favorites, and its playback of those streams is reliable and smooth sounding. There is a free version that gives you a taste of how the app runs, and the paid version ($4) gives you a car mode, voice control, and a variety of valuable settings like connection timeouts, etc. I especially like the sleep timer and variable connection timeout to minimize timeouts while I'm on the road.

It's unfortunate that TuneIn's Android app does not include its iOS sibling's ability to enter and store custom links; having that would eliminate the need for two apps.
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WinAmp (free version) allows you to enter URLs for audio streams. Select the "Shoutcast" button, then select "Manually Enter Station", and then enter the URL.
Bonus points:
* WinAmp is my primary audio player. It works nicely and has an intuitive user interface.
* It also streams Shoutcast radio stations.
* WinAmp works with Google Voice Search so that you can say, hit the Google Voice Search button, say, "Listen to Rolling Stones", and it will play your Rolling Stones songs with WinAmp.
* There are plug-ins available for WinAmp. For example, I use the free MusixMatch plug-in app to automatically display lyrics on my Android phone.
* If you use WinAmp on your PC, you can sync music and playlists with your PC.
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Trying a few apps. rplayer does accept the CBS backdoor links, though it doesn't seem to like the AAC+ streams. Also downloaded Xiialive Lite, which has a nice interface (though I have to use a taskkiller to turn the blasted thing off!), but also doesn't like the AAC+ streams.

UPDATE: Now it seems to accept the AAC+ streams! Success!!!

The naming convention goes something like this:


AAC+ streams look like this:


(with the call letters substituted, i.e. http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/KROQFM.pls or http://provisioning.streamtheworld.com/pls/WFANAM.pls). Hey, it's better than nothing, and the streams sound much better than CBS's app.
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