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Is there an app that will only turn 3g on when needed?


Mar 21, 2012
With 3g off, it doesn't just double my battery life, it multiply. Like the GPS, I'm looking for an app that will only activate 3g/4g when an app requires it such as browser, world newspaper etc. I don't need 3g to be on all the time when phone is unlocked. I do have a widget on my home screen that will turn 3g on and off, but I am looking for a better app that will only turn 3g on when need it.
(asleep) It's been 5 hours since 3g is off, and my phone has yet to lose a percent. Usually, this will lose about 5-10 percent of battery life even with juice defender. I have found so many great apps out there, but I have yet to find an app that I previously described. Mobile internet kills the battery life almost as much as GPS/use wireless network. I hope there is an app that relates to what I'm talking about the near future.
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