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Help Is there any app I can use to sync my iTunes library with my Motorola Droid 4

Through the years it seems like I've tried all of the apps and nothing seems to work well. I eventually just resigned myself to using the Google Music but still have problems. I live and work out in the boonies and there seems to be a lot of the music that won't play unless I'm connected to the internet and that just isn't always possible. I still keep all of my music on iTunes because I still use an iPod Nano for the gym. I've tried iSyncr and it didn't sync everything.
Doubletwist, that's another one I tried. Most of the music has been acquired after 2010. All the music is on my SD card, would it be better to have it on the phone memory? That's why I get so frustrated when it won't play because it has no internet connection. The last thing I want to do is be an iPhone user, but this music thing gets to be frustrating, that's why I don't use my phone for music at the gym.
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