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Is Tipping Getting Out Of Control?

That wouldn't bother me, she probably doesn't make a great hourly wage.

It's the jobs that ask for a tip for basically handing me a bag that annoy me.

I tip at the mom and pop Chinese restaurant I frequent even though I order online, it is a family owned business and the owner works her ass off. I want to keep it in business as it's the only one within driving distance that I like. During the early days of Covid I left a generous tip to show appreciation. I also left generous tips at the previous mom and pop Chinese restaurant I visited before I moved and they retired.

My post of the breakfast lady having a tip jar kind of bothered me, for the reason you mentioned. It's a lot of work setting all that all up and I'm sure her pay was probably minimum wage at best .

People shouldn't have to rely on tips for a living
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Had to also post this here. This is crazy.
I'm not paying them to deliver my pie. I'm tipping them to walk from their car and hand me a box in a courteous fashion.
Exactly. Most pizza companies have a delivery fee added to the order at purchase... the tip is something the driver gets above & beyond. If it's one pizza box, I tip $3 (we're only 3 miles from the store); and $1 for each additional box (like breadsticks).
Discovered a Jersey Mike's Sub gift card I was given years ago. I checked and it had $25 on it that was still good. I went to order subs for dinner, pickup at the store, and it had a TIP line. When you pickup, they don't even hand it to you. You have to go to the rack and look through the other pickup bags to find yours. They should be tipping me :ROFLMAO:
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