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Apps Issue 9308 - AAC+ problem


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Jun 8, 2010
The google code issue number is 9308. Involving froyo update 2.2 and the ability to play AAC+ and such decoding. Anyone who is getting a froyo 2.2 update is going to have a major problem with their ability to hear high quality streaming from various programs including pandora, slacker, and other various streaming audio.

In order to make this a priority update, it needs to be starred so it will be higher on the list of issues. I have a feeling no one is going to notice until the main roll outs of froyo are released for other popular platforms than the first one, the EVO. If you could just go to the issue page and star it, it should make a difference in upping the priority, as I know many people are using pandora and such type streams on their 2.1 phones and won't want it broken after the 2.2 froyo update.

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