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Issue with sound and notifications


Android Question

I bought a droid maxx in July after having a Samsung galaxy and missing the reception on my former droid.

I am beginning to think I made a huge mistake. I managed to drop the maxx in the toilet at a concert for a second and ruined the phone because I could not turn it off or take the battery out so a week after I had it, I had to get a replacement. btw.....first time this ever happened.

I have had 3 replacements and had the same problems with all 3 so I am thinking this must be a bug not just a problem with the replacements.

the problem I keep having is that my notifications and ringer will be working fine and then it just goes silent and the only way to get them back is reboot the phone which works for awhile but then its back to not working.

I disabled assist and uninstalled it thinking that had something to do with it but it did not change the problem. I have also changed to a preinstalled ringtone and notification instead of the one I really want to use I saved and that has not helped.

Short of installing another app to manage things, Ideas Please?


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