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Issues with FPSe

I found an....*ahem*...."trial" version (nudge nudge) of FPSe online, and put it on my phone to compare the speed of it to psx4droid. It's a whole lot better, and will definitely be worth the $5...that is, if I can get games to work properly. There are some games that I got from a few different sources - some of them work (the files are .img or were originally saved as a .bin), but those found on the site that has the best variety/download speeds don't. I've downloaded games from the website (won't mention it here as I assume it's moddable, but it's a fairly well known ROM site I've seen mentioned on here before), and the files I get are something like gamename.bin.cue. I saw another post on this site saying to edit the file to data.bin, which I did. Tried that on FPSe, and it makes me force close the emulator. Anyone able to help me out? What I should be doing differently?
For one, you probably have an older version since the newer versions implemented lvl anti-piracy. The newer versions are even faster and compatible.

Also, when you actually buy the newer version if the game still wont run try turning on spu sync in the audio settings.

Please don't pirate this emu. This developer has worked long and hard on this.
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Never planned on using the pirated version long term, more so wanted to check out frame rate/compatibility compared to psx4droid. Anyways, I'll ask something else if someone doesn't mind answering. I've seen a few people mention that you get 15 minutes to try an app you download before it's billed to you. How does this work? If I don't want it, will I be able to go back to the market and see a refund button? I'd like to see if these games work on the newest version.
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