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Issues with texting


May 8, 2015
Just got my phone yesterday and noticed 2 things about the texting. First is that after you send a text it automatically closes the keyboard and if you want to send another right after the first you have to tap on the "add text" button and open the keyboard back up. Is there any way to change this?
Also a friend sent a group text yesterday and instead of it being like it was on my Moto X where you saw the multiple people in the thread and everyone's responses showed up in the same spot, each person's individual responses showed up in individual threads. This normal? Not sure if this is an M9 issue or Lollipop one. I've had Lollipop for awhile now since they sent it out to the Moto X early on and never noticed these issues. Definitely noticed some other ones but that's for another discussion.


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