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Istalled Media Hub...Kept Getting Error and Files Never Played


Oct 28, 2010

I wanted to get Media Hub to work, so I searched the web and found out that an update for Media Hub was released for a different phone, but not for the Samsung Vibrant. I really wanted Media Hub to work with my phone, so I did some further searching and found a place where to download the Media Hub .apk file. I installed AppInstaller, clicked on it, selected the Media Hub .apk file to install and everything seemed fine. I am not rooted so I do not know if that would make a difference.

I went to download some movies/t.v. shows, but every time I click for it to download a huge pop up would appear with some error. I would close the pop up and have to resume the download, then the pop up came back. Any ideas what was causing that? Also, none of the files I downloaded played with my Samsung Vibrant. Do you think there is any way of getting my money back?

Thank you for your help!!!


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