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Help It doesn't recognize any usb device


Jun 10, 2021
Hello, I have the Chromecast with Google TV, I connected a hub and it doesn't recognize any pendrive or hard disk. I don't understand why, it should be something simple. The hard disk and pendrives I tried have different file formats, but it doesn't recognize any of them, exFAT, Fat32, NTFS... Even I buy an app (JS USB OTG) and nothing. I use FX Explorer like File Explorer, I try with VLC Player, but there is no way, in System Storage doesn't appear any device. Maybe is the Hub? The brand is UGREEN, it's quite good, I mean is not the cheapest brand in Asia.

Here a picture to see how I connected the hub.

Is that UGREEN hub a powered hub (using an external power adapter), or is it just using whatever power it gets from its USB connectivity?
If powered, it should work but Chromecasts are limited in support for external media so be sure the USB media is formatted as FAT32. If it isn't powered, that's probably your problem. The USB port in your Chromecast is primarily for power and only incidentally for data transfer, and conversely HDMI is primarily for data transfer with only a minimal support for any significant power transfer.
If that is the case, buy a powered USB hub and see if that makes any difference. Or plug your USB external media directly into a USB port on your TV instead.
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That Chromecast will only work with the supplied power adapter. It's just a standalone streaming device. The USB - C port is for charging only.


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The older Chromecasts that had use a microUSB port were power-only, no data transfer but newer versions now using Type-C USB ports are both power and data transfer. It's just a matter of still supplying a Chromecast with adequate power. Lots of articles refer to using Chromecasts with not just external storage media but mice and keyboards:
a major plus is bypassing WiFi connectivity and using an Ethernet adapter:
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Thank you for all the answers and advises.

I'm checking what I need, and I choose a hub and a power adapter in Lazada, I live in Thailand so Ugreen is the best brand to buy here.

Would that be enough? Being honest I am not sure how I would have to connect the hub and the power adapter with the Chromecast. If someone can explain how to connect I'd be really grateful.

Thank you!
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