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App Inventor Java + JNI disassembly


Jul 31, 2022
I come from a Visual Studio background. I've built a few Android apps now, and I'm incorporating JNI into this most recent one. I've done this before on Windows and have been able to debug my JNI code with Visual Studio.

I am able to enter in to and step through my C/C++ code in the debugger that comes with Android Studio, but I am not able to view disassembly. And if my program has a bug and it crashes, it doesn't show anything in the Disassembly window except a blank screen (all white where the editor / text would normally be), and there is a current statement highlighted which is also on a blank line.

Is there some special trick to getting in to view disassembly from my C/C++ source code lines when I'm single-stepping through them? Is lldb not able to show the 64-bit ARM disassembly? Do I have to have my phone rooted for it to work? Or ... something else? I just don't know enough about this developer environment to know what I'm doing wrong. All of the searches I've done have not revealed any hints.

Thank you in advance for any help.

I have one game published on Google Apps: "Retro Tetro". And the app I'm working on now is a scientific calculator called EasyCalc. It is not released, but a beta apk is available for download on my website. If anyone's interested please ask and I'll post the link. It's still buggy, but it mostly works.

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