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JB and wifi tether NOT hotspot


Android Enthusiast
Aug 2, 2011
Well like others I was using FoxFi to tether my phone, never used it for hotspot only wanted it for my laptop when on the road. Jellybean screwed that pooch so I went back to the google wifi tether and it works great.

android-wifi-tether - Wireless Tether for Root Users - Google Project Hosting

As I said this is simply a way to use your phone for highspeed internet over wifi and it only works for one device at a time so you won't be breaking any rules with Verizon because you are NOT making a hotspot, just another way to tether your laptop or what ever you use without having to use the usb cable so you can keep the phone charged via wall jack and allows full speed as everyone knows the Bluetooth tether is limited to like 1.5M.

Just thought i'd throw that out there for anyone who might need it. You do have to be rooted to use it, that is the only downside for people that don't know how to root.


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