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Joining the forum as (maybe) the first...


Feb 4, 2011
...Victim of a failed attempt to root my phone :/

Now, I didn't join just to brag about "Oh darn, I broke my phone." If anything, I really don't care or am not calling for the criticism, the laughs, or whatever you can think up. I finally decided to join as I was "eye-ing" the forum as a lurker, per se; and was intrigued by the topic of "speeding up my Huawei Ascend" Cricket phone.

Long story short, I tried the "rooting" methods posted, and I tried a few too-many ideas left under the post. I would say what I did (or what I took off), but it would be pointing fingers as well. It was a Google app, something said NOT to remove, in capital letters. So yeah, "haha"s will be expected.

On a brighter note, HI! Friends call me Chips. Uh..... And I don't know what else I should be saying, so uh.... help me out. Lol

P.s. I can be....random? Haha
P.S. I hope I'm not scaring people from posting here of my epic failure, unless you DO want to laugh at my face. Then I will grant permission to all, lol.

Just thought I'd be the dummy to finally fail at doing something that looks VERY simple to do and pay attention to. That's all.

< feels like a reject now
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