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Judge: NSA phone snooping likely unconstitutional

Well, if we still had the rule of law in this country, there'd have been no need for this ruling to beging with. And yet, since the rule of law has long since been dispensed with (the illusion of same has only more recently been destroyed) this ruling means nothing.

Judge says to NSA "stop that, it's unconstitutional."

NSA says to judge "We don't have to listen to you. Why? Because f*** you, that's why. Oh, and you only have a gavel. We have blackmail and the means to disappear you and your family. Whatcha gonna do now, sucker? Wanna trade your black robe for a pine box? We already know the measurements. Got your height and weight from your medical records when we intercepted those. Or maybe we just plant some photoshopped pictures of you, a transgendered midget and a shetland pony on your computer for your wife to find. Have a nice day."

See why this ruling means exactly nothing? Now that the NSA has the goods on everybody, they can use that to keep uppitty punks who believe in following the constitution in line. Or else. And who wants to be a martyr?

Yeah. Stew on that for a bit.
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