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Help just 2 questions...


Feb 13, 2011
ok so I recently got a samsung galaxy s. I'm not the most well up on the world of technology so i need someone to break this down for me REAL simply!

I've spent sometime looking through the threads for the answer but to be honest i can't make sense of some of the answers....

basically my phone keeps dropping my wifi, even if the sleep policy says to never drop it. it'll connect for maybe 2 seconds and then gone! from what i've read i don't seem to be the only one with this problem.....is there a solution?

And my second question is about the mini diary, has anyone else experienced problems with it? mine just won't work, it won't let me add a city. everytime i put mine in it just goes back to that original search screen. and yes my gps is on if that makes a difference......it's really really annoying me!! i think perhaps there's something very obvious i should be doing!!

any suggestions would be appreciated, cheers :)
Wifi dropped for most people because they were using WEP router and since its unsecure, no technology supports is nowadays.

The Mini Diary, I've never used it until this post but it wouldn't let me add the "town" I live in, it went back to search scree like you state but when I searched the nearest "major city" near me, my town appeared under as a sub heading of the major city.

If nothing works, you may try resetting your router then if still no change, you'll have to factory reset your phone. Also being on the latest Android would be good too, ie FroYo 2.2.1.
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emm ok that kinda helps thanks! sheds a bit more light on the wifi if i bring it somewhere for help....i don't think it's a good idea for me to try it myself, i'd end up doing something very wrong!

but that mini diary is just getting under my skin because i live in capital city and no matter if i search that one or any other city it just goes back to the search screen, i don't get any results! nothing! grrr!!
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