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Root Just another bricked phone


Dec 24, 2013
Hello all, sit back and listen to the story of a true idiot.

I was running the eclipse ROM with a SUPER old version of SafeStrap (2.11),
(This should tell you where this is going)
and it was getting unreasonably slow. Apps would close, etc, so I finally had to upgrade.

I went about installing the latest version of Safestrap, which went fine, but when I went to reboot the phone it always showed up as 2.11.

Here's where I pulled a real idiot move.

I thought that safestrap 2.11 and 3.whatever could be running separately, and that disabling 2.11 would allow me to access the newer version
(I swear I'm not normally this stupid)
Anyways, I decided to disable safestrap on boot, and now I'm stuck with the red eye of doom. Never boots past it.
No safe strap prompt on boot.
I'm a bit lost as to what steps I should be taking.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


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