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Just updated Magic to Sense UI - Questions


Jun 10, 2009
Hi All,

Just installed the Sense UI through the HTC website.
Couple of questions - thanks for any info on these:
1) In Contacts, there is no longer the ability to put 2 mobile numbers for the same person? The original interface has this ability - you could mark more than 1 number as being "Mobile", "Home", etc. Now one cannot. The only way around is to put one as "Pager" or "Fax" or something. Any workaround?
2) The lockscreen now no longer shows the alarm time (previously, it used to indicate what time the alarm is set for). Now, you need to unlock, go to clock, scroll to alarm clock to check what time it is set for.
3) Again, on the lockscreen, previously, it used to indicate when it was time to charge, and also indicate how much one had charged. Now, it does niether.

Any way to get these features back. Just that one got used to these.




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