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K-9 Mail isn't copying sent mail to Sent folder

Hi Folks,
I recently replaced my old Samsung S5 with a new S22. This didn't come with Samsung's own email client and I didn't want to use Gmail so I installed K-9 Mail. This is mostly working ok, using IMAP with the same settings as the S5, but for some reason it won't save copies of sent mail in the Sent folder. All I've got are the messages that were transferred over by Samsung Smart Switch. I've looked in my Webmail Sent folder and that's the same.

The box is checked in settings for sent mail to be uploaded to the Sent folder (see screenshot) but it just isn't doing it. I even tried unchecking the box, shutting down and rebooting the phone then re-checking it but to no avail. Has anyone come across this problem or have any ideas how to solve it?

The phone is running Android 13 if that's relevant.

Screenshot_K-9 Mail.jpg
Try going into that Outgoing server option to manually set up the necessary SMTP settings for your email service.
Keep in mind there are two protocols involved -- IMAP and/or POP for incoming email messages and SMTP for outgoing email messages. This is a pretty fundamental issue so you just need to look at your email service's web site to type in their recommended SMTP settings.

A big plus point for the K-9 Mail app is it has a very extensive Settings menu that allow you to customize and optimize its usage to meet your own needs. I gave up trying to do the same with the Gmail app.
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