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Keep away from merimobiles


Jun 8, 2011
I bought a newman N1 in octomber 2012. The device came to me two weeks later but it was defective. No signal at all. I send an e-mail to them and they answered tons of e-mails just trying not to change it. After a month they told me to sent it back (I paid the fee) and they didn't change it as they should. I waited three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! months to get it back repaired with another cover. they send me back my old phone with the red buttons but blue cover. CIRCUS. Last week the same thing again.
The phone is dead again and they send me the same b****it. I have to send it back to them , they will sent it to the manufacturer etc...
Another three months waiting just for a no good phone.
Hi I am Jay I am the service Team Manager at Merimobiles
First I want to say thank you for taking the time to share your experience, we take it seriously.

I do need to clarify a few things, The warranty is provided by the Manufacturer and not by us, and they service/repair
the items, they only replace the items if deemed necessary as stated in the return policy When we receive an item back for repairs the item is really with us for a maximum of 48 hours, as we simply forwarded it to the manufacturer so that it can be serviced under their warranty. In your case it took longer than usual as you sent back the item in between the chinese new year holiday. The speed as which we get it back from you is out of our control at it depends on the shipping method used and shipping company you used which we have no control off.

Prior to sending the item back the Manufacturer test the item, and we double check it prior to sending it back. All Smartphones are covered by a 1 Year Manufacturer's warranty.

he Warranty process with Manufacturers.

thank you

Merimobiles Service Team Manager
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