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Keep Screen On

I use a variety of apps while riding my m'cycle and need my screen on my note 9 to stay on. As when used like this the phone is full time charging via USB I have enabled the option to stay on while charging under Developer. But it seems hit or miss. Some apps I use like ESR purport to keep screen on while in use but again, hit or miss. Touch screen sensitive gloves are not very good.

Does anyone know a way to reliably keep the screen on?
The developers options 'stay awake' should be fool-proof.

As far as I know, it is the most reliable way to keep the screen on.

If it is 'hit or miss', then check the charging cord that you are using.

Also, keep in mind that this setting will not stop the screen from dimming, only from shutting off.

So, your screen will dim instead of sleep after the sleep time you have set in display settings.

There are a few apps available, but as I said- 'stay awake' in developers options is the most reliable. For it to work, the phone must be constantly charging.

An option you may not have considered is an app that wakes the device whenever the proximity sensor is covered, then uncovered- such as waving your hand slowly over the device.

Two benefits are that you do not need to constantly charge the device, and it saves a great amount of battery because the screen is only active when you want it to be.

I use an app for this quite extensively, called Wave UP.

Here are some links for some apps to try, Wave Up being the most recommended by me.



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I also have a Note 9 and use this ... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhanu.screenonmanager ... It can set the screen to stay on on a per-app basis. I use it on my bike (bicycle!) for things like Strava, as well as for things such as OneNote whilst food shopping as it's a pain to have to keep turning the screen on to see the wifes shopping list ... Obviously the power button still works so you can turn the screen off/on if you want or need to.
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