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Help Keeping access to old phone when switching (micro -> nano)


Nov 13, 2021
Hi, I just got a new phone that needs a nano sim card, and my current one is micro. I want to switch (keeping the same account), and I know I can do that by getting a replacement from my provider (Talktalk) or possibly in a local phone shop, but I may want to access stuff on my old phone again, so I'm guessing I would need to get an adapter if I put the nano sim back in my old phone's sim tray. Is that right?

Also, when I put the nano sim in my new phone, I'll have to activate it, which presumably will de-activate the old phone - is that right, or can I use both phones on the same google account? If I order a replacement, I'll still have the micro sim, but I'm guessing I can't just use them both, yeah?

If not, can I just log in to my google account on each phone if I go back and forth? I.e., it won't try to update each phone with settings and apps from the other or something stupid - will it keep track of the fact that it's a different phone? I don't know how any of that works, and it seems hard to search for answers on it.

Then, would you recommend ordering a new one from Talktalk or going to a shop. I don't fancy cutting it myself, and heard that they're thinner as well. Do phone shops just chop the sim down to size?

The old one is a Homtom HT3 Pro running 5.1, and the 'new' - actually refurbished from cex / webuy.com - is a Samsung Galaxy A41 running (I think) 10. They're actually both dual sim, although I don't suppose that helps.

Many thanks
In the UK when I get a new phone with a different size SIM card the new one comes with the relevant convertors - or at least with some providers. If it doesn't then you get get cheap convertors from Ebay (for instance ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224202782313?hash=item343386f669:g:tgEAAOSwv~BfkA0f ...). Do not cut it yourself when things like this are so cheap.

Again, in the UK it's not the phone that's deactivated, it's your old sim card. I have a spare phone which I do exactly what you want to do. That is, swap sims between the phones which are setup with the same google account etc etc. The only reason I can think of (UK anyway) for an old phone not to work would be if you swapped networks as well and the old phone was locked to your old network. But here you can get them unlocked for free by the old network anyway so that shouldn't be an issue.
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I have 4 phones plus a Mifi device using 2 sims in the UK.

Yes you can definitely keep as many devices as you like on the same Google account. I do.

You can put the sim - less phone on wifi, and use hotspot from the new phone, or regular wifi.

Most sim cards in the last few years are multi size so you may have a nano part you can clip out. Otherwise yes you will need a nano size from talktalk.
A convertible sim card adapter are often sold in pound stores, or just get another sim that you won't use and break it down.
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If all you want to do is access information on the old phone all you need to do is turn it on: it doesn't need a SIM unless you are going to connect to a mobile network.

If you do put a SIM in it, either your nano with an adapter or a separate PAYG SIM, then it will just work: there's no need to "activate" a handset with the network, only the SIM needs activating.

And yes, the Play Store knows these are different devices, and installing or updating an app on one device does not install or update it on another.
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