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keypad docking station?

Any updated info on this? Anyone purchase one IN stock anywhere within the last 2 days.?? The last BB update must of lasted 3 minutes. Sold out fast..I almost feel like I NEED one not want..It will complete my masterpiece

Champagne's must be harder to come by. Mine was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but I awoke to an email from Amazon stating that it has been delayed, and there is no delivery date at this time. I was given the option to cancel the order, or allow it to sit in a wait status. I'm letting it sit for now, unless I see some being sold elsewhere. I want it, but the biggie is that I do have my Prime and my 32GB microSD, so I can be more patient now.
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I had some luck with NewEgg and signing up for their email notification. They seem to be getting small quantities in every couple of days (they sell out in like 10 minutes). I got an email, bought mine and it was sold out 5 mins later. Anyway, its worth signing up for... mine is on the trunk for delivery today (ordered it on Wednesday)! :): checks watch, where is that UPS man already!! ::).
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