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kyocera event, MULTIPLE problems!

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okay guys, so i have the event. i hooked my phone up to my comp, and added aroung 10 songs to it. everything worked fine, no problems. listening to the music while the phone was in idle mode (pressed the power button so the screen would go black) and all of the sudden about 15 mins into my jam session, the music stopped, and the error message "google play has unfortunatly stopped responding" with the option to wait or close. i was content with just closing the app and going to send a text, when i got to my messages, there was a lag, and the phone went back to the home screen. then the error msg "messages has unfortunatly stopped" came up. then i believe it said "unfortunatly browser has stopped". at any rate, my phone then turned itself off, and tried to reboot itself. it got all the way to the virgin mobile screen and got halfway through the music it plays when boot up happens, and stayed on that screen until i took the battery out. i have let the phone sit with no battery in it, i have had the phone hooked up to the charger just in case of battery problems, i have tried the master reset on the phone, absolutely NOTHING has worked. does anyone have any ideas? i am completely stumped. thanks guys!


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