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Language Selection Texting Problem

I believe I have found a bug in Android.

I've been going crazy trying to figure out why my girlfriend in Mexico sends me texts and they get corrupted or are blank.

I was able to duplicate the problem today while in Mexico with both phones

Here's what happens.

Phone #1 is a Desire Z TelCel
Phone #2 is a G2 MySimpleMobile

When #1 is using language Espanol (Espana) SMS messages are corrupted on the phone #2 who is receiving. We were unable to send and receive to other phones as well.

I tried this several times. I get either blanks or $#%^#$%^#$^//..,":: just askii symbol garbage.

So I swithced Phone #1 back to English (United Kingdom) and sent a text. And perfect! All texts are sent and received perfect on both ends.

Phone #1 is able to receive messages in ingles/English no problem no matter what language is selected
Phone #2 can not receieves corrupted message only when Phone #1 language is NOT English.

This is independent of Phone #1 being the Desire Z or other Android. We had the same issue with a MyTouch 3G Slide that was unlocked. I kept getting corrupted messages.. and that is why I sold it and bought the Desire Z that has the NAB umts 850 so she can get 3G. (which we do no problem)

So.. either this is a NETWORK Error? OR a bug in Android?

This does not happen with the exact same SIM in other phones, like an old Samsung or Blackberry Curve or Tour. We've used those with no problems.

So this is specific to ANDROID phones and the Language or Idioma when it is NOT ingles/English

I can duplicate/replicate the problem and no doubt, either one of the phones must need a new language installed?

My first reaction would be that it is from using and international build or something.. but it happened with a Local San Diego T-Mobile MyTouch Slide 3G also.

Still not 100% sure if it is not MySimpleMobile or not. Or even TelCel. I need to text back and forth to a Verizon or Sprint phone to be sure. And have her switch between languages. But not doubt this is a bug.

For a quick fix. Is there a way for her to switch languages idomas fast? So if she wants to write me a quick text she doesn't have to goto Menu.. idomas.. blah blah blah.

Wondering if 2.3 Gingerbread will fix this issue???

Any other suggestions fixes?

Finally found a thread on Google ... been using the wrong words I guess in my search. No solution at this point. And Gingerbread doesn't fix.

The work around is to use English or the same language as the recipient.

So German to German French to French Spanish to Spanish.

To make it easier.. download MoreLocale 2. This allows you to easily swap back and forth between languages.

Here is the tread on Google. They have had the problem for quite a while with no solution.


Not sure why you can not install a few languages. So the phone can recognize Several Keyboards or ASCII char sets.

I should think if I had Spanish and English installed on my device.. and so does her phone.

Shame on Google for not having a fix for this.
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