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Launcher Pro + Beautiful Widgets


Nov 2, 2010
Hey so I am currently using launcher pro with a beautiful home widgets clock app. I really want to try out a lock screen app as well but whenever I apply one that I download off of the market, it stops my beautiful widgets clock from running and stays on the time before I applied the lock screen app to my phone. Any suggestions?
Also, How did you get your 3 sliders close to each other? I want my lock screen to look like that but have the sliders on the left side.


I know I answered this in a PM, but I figured I would post it here for everyone else, too.

First thing: start with a clean slate:

1. Open the "WidgetLocker" app.
2. Press "Look & Feel".
3. Press "Slider & Layout".
4. Press "No Slider".

Then follow these steps:

Of course you can just switch which side has the "No Action". The only drawback to doing the sliders this way is that no other widget or icon can go next to the slider. WidgetLocker still sees that entire row as a widget even though the slider is only on one side.

Hope this helps.
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