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Launcher Pro question about Clock Widget


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Dec 1, 2010
Whats up people so I downloaded Launcher pro and in this video there a clock widget which I want to use but cant find it in the only analog clock that it offers which doesnt make any sense.

Does anybody know how to get that one because the only clock widget I can choose from is the round analog white one. I also I am not getting the weather widget and not understanding why since there is only a free version and no paid version of the app.
Ok thank you and I knew I had seen that widget before. Now the question is why is there such a lack of widgets on launcher pro because I figured it would have the stock sense widgets. Another than that I can complain I have to say its the best launcher yet.

LauncherPro does have widgets (but not the one pictured -- as said, that's Beautiful Widgets Home) in the paid version, but you can't get it through the market. You have to register from your phone and pay via paypal or a credit card.

About the Sense widgets ... Sense is HTC's proprietary home replacement so those widgets will only work if you are using Sense for your home screens. If you swicth it for LauncherPro (or ADW or any of the other home replacements) you lose the Sense Widgets, but get the widgets associated with those launchers.
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