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LavaBall Beta Testers Needed

EDIT - Testing is underway. We still need an EVO in the beta test. If you are interested, email czimmerm@exit4gaming.com for information on how to sign up!

Hey Guys,

I am looking for some beta testers for a game we are developing titled LavaBall for now. Please check out our website at Exit 4 Gaming for more information.

Lavaball is an accelerometer controlled ball rolling game like no other. It features full 360x360 control. You can roll the ball on any surface in the game. Also unique to the game is our Wicked Cool Projection (WCP) technology which makes the game look amazing. Collect gems without falling in the Lava. You haven't rolled a ball until you have rolled with LavaBall.

Being a beta tester for this game will give you an early opportunity to see a very good game for this platform and it will be a lot of fun. I am looking to get feedback on more than just "it runs". I want some input on level design and overall playability as well. All beta testers will make the credits for the game.

Please email me at czimmerm@exit4gaming.com with your phone specs if you are interested in beta testing. I want to get an early list of testers together with a variety of phones. I hope to start testing in about two weeks but I want to know who is testing before then.

Here is an beta screenshot of the game.




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