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LEAP config



In the early days there was reported no GUI to configure 802.1x LEAP settings for wifi. However, on all my stock devices I have had 802.1x options when adding a new wlan manually. I can set security to 802.1x, and have options for EAP method, Phase 2 authentication, CA cert, user cert, Identity, Anonymous Identity, and password. It seems, however that when Android scans it sees the office wlan and lists it as WEP. I can't change that scanned one. And no matter what I set the above options to the manually added config is always listed as "Not in range." A colleague wrote his own LEAP config app to modify existing wlan configs, and it worked for him. I tried LEAP Wifi Free from the market but it simply created a new wlan instead of modifying the scanned one. I emailed the author with my situation but he's not responded. Even if I manually add an AP when I'm not in range it still shows the scanned wlan as WEP and won't use my manual one. So it seems my only option is an app that lets me modify the existing config. Anyone else have any experience here?


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