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LEDs on front of Bravo/Passion


Dec 2, 2009
This is pure speculation, but....
I think the led dots on the front of the bravo/passion; as well as the grid in the middle of the bottom of the page on the Google phone are the same thing. Notice on the Google phone there are two dots to the left and two to the right of the grid that has been commented on. Additionally, the grid has 16 squares making it up. That grid represents the 16 available slots for app icons on the page. The dots to the left and right represent the avalable home page slots, 5 total. The bravo/passion has 5 leds. They could also represent 5 home screens and light up to represent which one you are on.


The Nexus One has five screens instead of the previous 3 with Android phones (HTC Sence excluded). When pressed, the grid at the bottom of the screen brings up a icon representation of the 5 home screens (image here). The dots on either side show where you are on home screens. 2 on each side you are on the middle screen. 0 on left, 4 on right you are on the left most screen, etc. That's it!

The Bravo LEDs. I have no idea. Most likely just for notification, but I have no specifics. It may show which homescreen like the dots on the Nexus One do, since it should have 2.1 (5 home screens, 5 LEDs). But in my opinion, that would look tacky. Maybe they would only light while you scrolled between screens, then become notification lights the rest of the time.
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I also agree about the earpiece, but I actually like the RED, makes it look menacing, like verizon is trying to do with the droid eye.

i really dont care that much for the red LED's theory, but i think i might of just now changed my mind. it looks a little fierce. just think your watching a movie and your phone is on silent sitting in the dark room and you miss a text message or call and didnt notice your screen light up and the red LED's are slowly pulsating
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Like this:

No thanks! It's been 27 years & I still can't get William Daniels voice out of my head. Not to mention the Hoff!
I don't need to carry a phone around that would remind me of that show!
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hahaha i just thought of something else. something i do at least once a month. i put my cell phone right next to my alarm clock on the night stand (havent used the alarm clock in probably 3-5 years(its also about 7 hours off cuz im just to lazy to make it correct) and my alarm on my phone goes off(use that for an alarm now) and start hitting every button on the alarm clock(not the phone) trying to turn down the volume trying to unplug it from the wall and pushing it off the end table then i figure out it was my phone the whole time. with blinking red lights i might start doing that more often then once a month... crap what am i going to do... guess i will just have to get rid of the alarm clock(not the phone)
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