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Help Lenovo A1-707 no USB


Dec 19, 2011
It has been about 18 months since I purchased my first Lenovo Thinkpad A1
and it has served me very well. Mostly for my GPS (CoPilot) and camera.

About 6 weeks ago I got tip that there were refurbished Lenovo Thinkpads on NewEgg. With their discount coupon and a "promised" rebate the price would end up at about $68. Thinking this such a good deal I would get another for use in my shop to do video of projects in process and not have to worry about the damage, etc..

This second tablet came with an unusual model number," A1707 and Ver 4.04 OS. It seemed faster than the other A1 with Ver 2.3.4 OS and there were some screen inter actions that differed. The wifi was fine and I download a few apps without any problems.

It was only when I had a couple pictures and a video I wanted to transfer to my PC that I discovered I couldn't get the USB or the Bluetooth to work. The only way I could get them off the tablet was to upload the to YouTube by WiFi. (taking several hours of course).

I eventually got the BlueTooth to work after installing a upgrade to the OS. However, there is no way to activate the USB when I plug it into my PC. The PC gives me an audio notice that I have "something" plugged to the PC, but the file system does not see the tablet. On the other Thinkpad, I would normally get a prompt option to open the USB port. Don't get that on the new Thinkpad and I can't find anything in the system menu that allows me to do this. I just added a 32gb SDHC external mem. card in hope that would resolve this USB problem but it didn't.

Does anyone have any suggestions on activating the USB on the lenovo android tablet??


Don't know if its been too long to comment but here goes. I don't have an answer to your USB problem but you could transfer your picture and video files to a folder you add to the Micro SD card and then move the Micro SD card from the tablet to the computer or to a USB to Micro SD card adaptor for transfer to the computer.
Too bad Lenovo hasn't provided an ota update to ICS for the 2.3.4 OS on the original A1's.
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