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Lenovo A460


Dec 13, 2013
Hi All ,
Im new to Android , been only ever a Apple user . But have acquired a nice new Lenovo A460, but its made for the Chinese market ( I'm Australian ) & wish to remove the Chinese Apps & try to load & use Google Play Store , which I believe is banned in China . I would really appreciate any help in getting this neat phone to be more useable , cheers , Shaun:)
Hello kiwinoz. Welcome to Android Forums. I'm not certain which Lenovo phone you have by the number you left. We do have a discussion area for one Lenovo phone and here is it's link: Lenovo LePhone - Android Forums
You might also check out this general phone discussion area for some assistance:
-- Other Phones (Android & Non-Android) - Android Forums
If neither of those links serve you, here is a general Android discussion area link:
Android Lounge - Android Forums
I know little about your phone... I'm sorry. I hope some of the links prove helpful for you and best of luck with your Lenovo project.
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