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Lenovo TAB M10 FHD Android Chrome not Showing BookMarks


Jan 29, 2012
This Tablet has Google Chrome Installed and Logged in with my google account But None of my bookmarks can be found. Sync is Enabled but the bookmarks do not show across the the top of the browser page as they do on my windows pc.
Infact none of my favorites are in Bookmarks
Are you sure you are using Chrome?
Yes I am Using Chrome. I Uninstalled it and then reinstalled it but that made no difference.
I tried CTRL+Shit+B with a usb mouse but that doesn't work.
A little bit more investigation reveals all of my bookmarks are there, its just that they don't show up where the bookmarks bar is normally across the top like when you are in chrome on windows.
But I thinks it's in the O/S , and that Lenovo is in Bed with Google and they may have Crippled it somehow .
The Show BookMarks Bar Feature is Nowhere to be found, just Bookmarks which only shows 3 items and all my bookmarks are in one of those and I can go to them, but as i said it doesn't put them across the top.
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yes the chrome browser on a computer will be different then the android version of chrome. my bookmarks are there on my z fold 3, but yes it is in a different location.

my pixel book running chrome os.......the chrome browser and its bookmarks are setup exactly as it would on a pc. the main thing is you have your bookmarks on your device. it is just different where it is located.
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