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Help Lenovo Yoga 3 8" 4G tablet voice calls, how to?

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Has ANYONE tried to flash the "M" ROM onto the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 YT3-850L? I purchased the "L", thinking it had a built-in phone (as did a similar, older Yoga Tablet 2 I saw in India). I DO have a tablet, the Samsung SM-T325, which DOES have native phone support, so I quite appreciate the OP's interest in this, but am inclined to agree that the "L" variant is unlikely to support voice just by swapping ROMs. Maybe I'm mistaken, which would be just great. I peeked at the Russian Lenovo site, but can't navigate it as I read no Russian.
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I have the 850L. The 850M can make calls and a forum manager at Lenovo's community said the hardware should be the same. So now I'm seeking that rom, and following the progress at xda.
Mind sharing the link to that Lenovo community post? I've found the "M" ROM, but want a little more confidence that this could work before risking my new tablet or wasting my time, which is arguably worth more than a tablet. Someone over at XDA appears to have tried exactly that, and though they ended up with a dialer, their YT3-850L w the "M" ROM doesn't function as a phone. Not sure that it can, but my YT3-850L wouldn't even function as a DATA device when I put my VOICE/DATA SIM in it. T-Mobile assured me that it WOULDN'T work for DATA with that SIM, as their network at least requires non-phone devices to utilize a DATA-only SIM card. So, unclear if the user who flashed the "M" ROM had a DATA-only SIM (reverse of my problem), or if there really are hardware differences between the "L" and "M" devices. ANYONE?
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