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Letter Crush - new word [GAME]


Jul 15, 2013
Hi folks!
We got a new word game for you!

Its name is...Letter Crush!


Letter Crush is a vivid and amusing word game!

Playing this game you can not only check your vocabulary, but also test your logical thinking performing unique tasks at each level

The game is divided into stages; each stage consists of 12 levels with different tasks. Step by step we move from simple to more complicated levels. Moreover every next stage performs a richer set of mechanics and opportunities.

The better we complete a level, the more stars we get which then will help us to unlock new levels. If the amount of stars is not sufficient, you can pass previous levels once more to collect stars.

Besides, there are some levels in the Letter Crush that enable tetris mode. The main task of this mode is to destroy letters before they fill up the board completely. This mode gives an arcade-like feature to the game and lets you buck up a little and make some fast and easy combinations.

There is a huge amount of word games, however only few of them can satisfy a user with proper realization.
Letter Crush by Inventos tries to improve the situation and sets a high level of quality.

At first sight this game fascinates with its pleasant look. The picture doesn't bore and looks perfect on a phone screen which is very important for a game that you can spend long time playing.

Thanks for feedback!
Hello! Thanks for your comments, we'll take it into consideration, but right now the aim of this game is to create a challenge for your mind, that's why it doesn't include words with past tenses.

if there are restrictions on the word (plural not allowed, past tense not allowed, etc), you should have stated it somewhere as the game rule. otherwise, the player would feel displeased because such words are acceptable in 99% of the word games out there.

other than that, I think the game is cute is nicely made. :)
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