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LF app push text notification when receiving calls

Hi all I recently got an android for work that I use when I'm on call. I frequently leave it at home as I'm not used to carrying two phones.
I was wondering is there an app available that can forward a text message to an iphone on a different carrier whenever I receive calls on my android work phone?

Thank you for the help
You should be able to do something like that using an automation app like Tasker. I just had a quick look and you can assign it to perform an action when the phone rings, and available actions include sending a SMS to a particular number. So it would be simple to get it to send a text to your iPhone saying "someone called my android" whenever you got a call. Looking at some of the possible actions I'm pretty sure I can see how to get it to include the caller's number in the message too (but I've not tested this). I don't see why the recipient being an iPhone or on a different carrier would matter.

You can turn such actions on and off, manually or on a schedule.

Other automation apps are available (Llama or Macrodroid for example), Tasker is just the one I have on my phone so the easiest for me to check.
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