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Help LG g3 soft brick/bootloop

hello guys, i'm new here. i really hope you can help me, i think i kinda ****ed up :p

so i got my lg g3 d855 from a random chinese site. and when i recieved it i directly rooted it installed twrp and installed cm 13. then my phone froze once and i had to reboot it. when rebooted it worked for like 5 minutes and then it froze again. i rebooted it and it worked for about 2 minutes, and the time it functioned got shorter and shorter. i am now stuck at the lg boot screen.

i can go to the hard reset menu but when i reset it it won't go to my recovery, it just goes to the lg boot logo again. i once got into download mode but that doesn't really seem to work anymore. however, i can go in fastboot mode.

the big problem here is mainly that my computer won't recognize my device. it shows up in connected devices of windows, but it reports that the device won't be recognized because it caused an error or something. however in fastboot mode i can run commands from adb like oem lock. at least my phone responds in some way to that.

if someone just can maby show me a way to get into recovery, then i will be able to delete my rom and reinstall another. that's no problem.
i'm new here please be nice, (sorry for the bad english)


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