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LG G6 how to change the theme

If you're like me, you hate when phones have bright white UIs. Unfortunately, that's exactly what you get on the LG G6 out of the box. The good news is you can change the theme and even download themes from the Play Store. Here's how to do it.
  1. Go to Settings > Theme
  2. Select one of the preloaded themes
  3. Tap APPLY
  1. Tap the download icon in the top right
  2. This will open the themes section in LG SmartWorld
  1. Search for LG G6 theme in the Play Store
  2. Download a theme
  3. Apply it as you would a normal theme
lg g6 theme.png

I'm using the Pixel Dark theme. What theme are you using?
On Verizon, 'Theme' is in Home Screen settings, and there doesn't appear to be a download link to LG Smartworld. Searching for 'LG G6 theme' in Play Store seems to only show apps that change the theme to look like G6, not change the G6.

The LG Smartworld is NOT the Play Store. It's a part of LG. FYI, make sure any theme you DL on the Play Store is for G6. Anything else will not work. Good luck.
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I just got mine from Verizon and it does NOT have a download link in the Theme setting. Why is this missing? Is there any way to get themes? I loved the themes in Samsung. This might be a deal breaker. o_O

I also have always had Samsung phones before this. I love my themes. I also have Verizon. I found Themes not under Settings - Themes, but Settings - Home screen - Theme. I've also searched Play Store for Themes for the G6 but was disappointed in the limited number available. Then I searched for Live themes and had much better results.
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