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Help Lg gw620

Hi mwandishi,
Are you running Windows 7 on your computer? I got the following from LG:

"Unfortunately the current software does not support Windows 7 and as such you cannot update the phone from your PC."

Don't know if that is going to change in the future. What do you mean by "Have a problem in connecting it with my pc." ? What exactly are you trying to do? Upgrade software? Transfer files?

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If you just want to connect your phone to your PC to transfer files, you have to turn on USB Storage (Menu-->Settings-->SD Card & Phone Storage)

You don't need any drivers to do that in any version of windows. If you want to update your phone though, you have to use the drivers. read through the ANDROID UPDATE FOR LG EVE thread, I have already posted where to find the drivers and how to install the phone.

If you have windows 7 you need the file LG_Android_USB_Driver_Rebuilt.rar. which can be found at:

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