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LG Optimus M class action lawsuit


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Feb 7, 2011
So, have any former OM users received a post card about a class action lawsuit? I got one today stating that if I had a phone that would freeze or reboot I could submit a claim. 'Course, to submit a claim I'd have to provide the serial number of the phone, which I don't even know if I still have it laying around. I don't even recall if I had those problems. I'm just gonna leave well enough alone.

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That is random who is suing
Not sure, the lawyers are in Ohio.

Edit: But yes, you're right. It was very random. I stopped using my OM in March of '12 when I got the follow-on OM+. Not many people bought that one. I certainly wasn't expecting a postcard about a lawsuit 3 years after I stopped using a phone. o_O
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Yep, I got one yesterday.
I bought the M right when it first came out so mine had the original firmware and never experienced the crashes that plagued the later versions. For me it was a very reliable phone and a great introduction to Android (and eventually rooting, I rooted it after owning it for over a year when I discovered this forum).
So my only option according to the mailing, since I never reported a problem or sent it in for repair previously, would be to send the phone in for "repair or replacement" now. Pretty senseless for a phone that always worked properly when I was using it and has been sitting around doing nothing for several years now. I see that the fine print says they can repair it or replace it with an "equivalent phone", I wonder what that actually means. Technically that would be a CDMA phone with a slow single-core processor running Froyo with 200MB of memory, not very useful today.
I remember when these phones were still in common use and lots of people were having the crashing/freezing/rebooting issues and nothing was being done about it. It's funny how these class-action things always drag on for so long that by the time there is a settlement it doesn't mean a damn thing.
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I got one in the mail today too. I actually DID have an Optimus M with the buggy ROM, so I'm kinda glad to see this. I've long switched away from that phone though, of course.

If you want to get the $15 cash (or the $20 discount on other LG stuff), then you actually have to provide a "Proof of Purchase" to do it. I doubt many people will have that.

I've already registered for the Class and picked the option to have them swap it for an "equivalent" phone. Mainly because I was just curious what they will send. Mine is just sitting in a drawer anyhow, so I might as well give it a go! :)

- John...
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I just got one of these in the mail. I still have my optimus M and I want in, just to say i was part of a class action lawsuit. How can I revert my phone back to original condition. How can i get rid of root and everything?

Seriously you just got this now four months later? Must have been sitting in the dead letter section of the post office and someone finally picked it up and sent it your way.
Probably not worth bothering with, but if you can meet one of the conditions and want to follow through I'd think a factory reset would do what you want. Better hurry up though, the letter says claims must be submitted by Sept. 1.
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I remember seeing something similar to this for the OG dual-core Android,the OPTIMUS G2X.
I had just borrowed it,wasn't even my phone,but,I got a letter way back when (over a year ago).
Can't remember if the letter was from LG,or a court/law firm,but,apparently,there was a judgement somewhere for similar reasons.
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