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LG Thrill 4G on GingerBread acting slowly


Jun 3, 2012
Hi everyone, i recently updated my LG Thrill to 2.3.5 GB and was reading about all the hype of how much better Gingerbread was over Froyo but i'm not getting the same feeling.
After updating my Thrill now takes 3 or 4 times as long to turn on. Up to 4 full minutes sometimes before it even takes me to the lock screen. I know smartphones can take some time to turn on but this is not an improvement over my previous 2.2.2.
Everything i was seeing about GB said that it would perform more smoothly and quickly but, and im not trying to just deny everything, it's not working for me. My video camera now pretty much sucks because it freezes every couple of seconds while shooting and the movie turns into more of a slide show than any kind of film. The gallery opens slowly and lastly, google play store keeps telling me that my device is not compatible with all sorts of different apps.
I converted from apple to android just under a year ago and have never regretted it but this is starting to bug me. The update should make my phone faster, not slower.

The last thing i feel i should mention is that i dropped my phone on concrete a few weeks ago and really messed up the screen. Im getting a new screen next week (havent been able to afford a replacement) but it seems the issues have gotten worse. Maybe it's just me but it's all a lot more noticeable.
My thoughts are that perhaps there's something i downloaded or didnt do right thats slowing my phone down.

If anybody has any ideas/suggestions it would be much appreciated. I'd like my update to improve my phone, not make it worse.
I have freezing issues when I don't shut down my phone and do a battery pull every day. Remember that the RAM on this phone isn't great, and for a good number of Android phones, there are issues with managing RAM, especially when the Gingerbread update causes apps to open without you actually opening them. Your best bet is to refrain from using the APP Manager that comes on the phone to close apps, and try doing a battery pull for 30 seconds, every day. If your phone is freezing every day, with little use, and you do battery pulls, I'd say go back to Froyo.

If you need Froyo again, go to XDA, the Thrill board is more active over there.
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