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lg thrill 4g

  1. B

    Help ATT Thrill Freezes Up

    Tried to post this last night, but it didn't appear. My ATT LG Thrill freezes randomly when not being used. I'll turn the unit on, only to find that my phone has logged calls, but they didn't ring, or go to voice mail. In addition, the time displayed is often hours behind time, as if the...
  2. A

    Help Service Centre Address

    I have an LG Thrill, and accidentally erased the "service centre address" under messaging menu. Now I cannot send a text message, but can receive them. Can anyone tell me how to restore that number or give me the number so I can manually input it into the phone?
  3. V

    Root rooting lg p925

    how can I root my phone lg p925 4G l have triedso many methods but to no avail
  4. M

    Help LG Thrill 4g Froyo/v10e 2.2.2 wifi help

    I have a LG Thrill 4G running stock FROYO/v10e 2.2.2 that will not connect to wifi. I cant even set up my google account on the phone. When I try it doesnt search for a wifi network, I have to enter it manually, and then get an error saying cannot establish a connection with the server. In the...
  5. S

    Help LG Thrill P925

    I have a LG Thrill P925. while attempting to download Ice Cream, it stopped 3 times (on 2 different computers) while updating the phone at 4%. When I contacted technical support from LG, they suggested I do a factory reset, and talked me through it. I retryed to download the software, but it did...
  6. drewdawg87

    Root Evo 3d camera app on Lg thrill?

    Curious if it would work... I loved my Evo 3d camera app, it had panorama built in, and very good too, not like the external apps on the market. I was just weary about trying it myself, if a developer has an opinion on if it would work, that would be awesome, or if anyone wants to experiment...
  7. B

    Help Need help with ICS now crashing my thrill!!

    Seems like ever since i got the ics update my thrill is junk and not sure what to do. I'm getting the "reorganizing processes" pop up alot and the phone completely shuts down all the time even if the battery is at 100. When i go to turn the phone back on it shows that i'm out of battery juice...
  8. C

    Root Rooting on ICS

    I've been trying all week to root my LG Thrill running ICS (4.0.4 att&t) with no luck. Does anyone know of any verified methods? Thanks in advance :)
  9. R

    Help LG Thrill update yields no audio--help??

    Hi! Prematurely, I updated to ICS because it was time for FroYo to go! After doing so, there was no audio when connected through HDMI, auxillary jack, or headphones. What the deuce?? Also, all HDMI settings are gone. Whyyy?? I've researched this, and everyone with this problem said they'd...
  10. silversleeper

    Best Onscreen Game Pad with keyboard

    What's the best onscreen game pad besides the Locnet Game Keyboard. Because when after you install the permission come up and says will collect personal information including credit card information, passwords and a whole bunch of other information that should be never collected just to use a APP.
  11. silversleeper

    Help Thrill Pre-installed Weather App

    Does anyone know what weather app the Thrill 925P came with? It was a animated app. for example if it was raining it would show rain drops hitting/rolling down a window or if it was cloudy it would show clouds going across the screen. After I upgraded to ICS it's gone. I also looked at my...
  12. silversleeper

    AT&T Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich

    This is awesome that AT&T offered this today. I upgrade to ICS and it's like a brand new phone.
  13. M

    Help Thrill won't turn on but can charge

    When I charge my phone, the screen goes to the LG screen then shows the battery charging or as fully charged; it then goes to black. The phone was working in the morning. By late afternoon, I was noticing that the screen was going to black really quickly. It then turned off in the middle of...
  14. G

    Help LG Thrill will not turn on, is there anything I can do?

    hello, i have a questions about my lg thrill P925, my power flex button is broken and I was thinking perhaps I could put my sim card into my husbands Motorola Atrix and put some type of app on it that could make my phone power up. Is this at all possible? I do NOT know what I'm doing...just...
  15. I

    Root Stuck at LG Logo Screen

    My lg thrill is stuck on logo screen. How it happened: First, I tried to install the cyanogen rom. It was stuck at cynanogen screen. so, i used clockwork mod by pressing volume down and power button. i restored backup. then it got stuck at logo. so i formatted everything and it's still stuck...
  16. B

    Help Recover data from Thrill with broken screen?

    Hi, I have an lg thrill and i shattered the screen on it. I need to get contacts, pictures, videos, and music off of it. I have no way to use the touch screen but i can still see the screen. I have it plugged into my laptop right now, and it shows that it is plugged in. But, it is not popping up...
  17. T

    Help Thrill Memory problem

    I cant add any more contacts(dont have many to begin with) and get a memory error. AT&T guy went thru my phone and we moved all apps to the sd card. Only a very few pics, no text messages, emails cleared.... Still have memory issues. He thru up his hands. Any suggestions?
  18. B

    Help 3D not working.

    TThe 3D apps and games that came with the phone work fine. But any app or game I download work, but not in 3D. Can't figure out why, anyone else have this problem or know how to get it to work? Thanks.
  19. S

    Help Lg Thrill(P925) stuck on Lg screen

    Ok so here my problem. I recently bought the lg thrill 4g off a guy on craigslist knowing it was bricked but i got it for cheap and firgured it would be an easy fix. i thought wrong. the phone is stuck in the lg screen and wont go any further. i tried going into the recovery mode by pressing...
  20. S

    Help Lg Thrill won't charge past 2%

    Hi, I saw another post about this but no replies. My LG Thrill doens't charge past 2%. It's not rooted and I've done no special updates. I've replaced the battery and charger to no avail. Same problem. Please help. This phone is too expensive to buy again. (no insurance) I've tried holding...
  21. P

    Help Bank of America App Issue

    I was able to use Bank of America's app for a long time since I got this phone but then it suddenly stopped working for a long time since I don't even know when. My BoA app was v4.1.61 and every time I run it it says Network Unavailable but I know for the fact it IS available since I could...
  22. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Thrill 4G? You can contact us through...
  23. W

    Help 0% Battery. Unable to charge

    I'm not sure where exactly I would ask this and it's been such a pain to find information for... In August I went on a camping trip to which 6 inches of rain in an hour took it's toll on my tent and my stuff. LG Thrill included. I set the phone in a bowl of rice and dried it out...
  24. Savage Shadows

    Help Blinking WiFi icon

    First off, I apologize if this issue has been addressed before. I have tried the forum search feature, as well as Google, and have found this issue brought up, but not addressed. My wife has the AT&T LG Thrill 4G Optimus 3D Android phone. Here is the important information: Model LG-P925...
  25. M

    Help How to change apn settings?

    I rooted the phone tonight with super one click. This is the first time doing this on an android phone and I can not seem to figure out how to change the apn settings. The root seemed to have went well and the superuser app appeared in my app drawer, but if I go into the apn settings I cant...