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Links/Address in browser will not open in app


Jan 9, 2022
Verizon just sent me a new phone because of a speaker issue with my other phone. I have set my phone up and it will not open browser links or addresses such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, etc with the external app. I have verified that the phone is set to do that. I have tried multiple browsers as well with the open in external app setting on. Phone has been updated with no success. WebView has been updated and uninstalled and reinstalled. Wiped partition cache. Reset app preferences. Reset the phone multiple times to factory settings. Booted the phone in safe mode and it still would not open links or even give the pop up to ask if I wanted to use the app. I am completed stumped. I have even downloaded a few apps that are supposed to correct this problem such as open link with and still no success. Any help would be appreciated.
Have you opened Developers Options?

Inside there is a setting for what webview you want to use.

Some devices force Chrome as the webview, although Android System Webview is still there as an option.
(Sometimes Chrome must be disabled for this option to be available.)

This may be the issue, or else perhaps there are permissions that you must grant to the individual apps?

Even so, for the majority of these kinds of apps, you are much better off using a browser instead (as long as it is a good browser) because these 'external' apps only take up massive memory space and run in the background- giving your information out to whoknowswhere and draining your battery.
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I tried the developer options and downloaded some other webview apps (beta, dev, canary) with no changes. All apps are set to open links to external apps. I have disabled chrome and tried that as well. After my last phone reset, Chrome did start opening a few apps, but several will still not open externally.
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Did the device allow you to select Android System Webview?

If not, then Chrome must be disabled first.

I have tried those other webviews, and they are nothing but trouble compaired to Android System Webview.

Also, try these browsers.
They use Android System Webview and are amazingly fast and able to be customised.




If you still want to use external apps, then try this...

Apps and notifications
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Overflow (3 dots upper right)
Reset app preferences
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