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Live Location and Address Finder


Live Location helps user find the address of your neighbourhood; user can also locate the places by using longitude and latitude. User can search for location; save them as a favourite. User can add images of their favourite location. User can share their current location with their friends and family. User can check the history of places the user has visited. The app lets user know the weather of the place user want to visit along with the air quality of the place user is visiting. User can use the inbuilt speedometer to track the speed of their journey and also set the alarm for safe speed. If a user is going above the safe limit user will get the alarm. User can set distance alarm so that when a user is near their destination they will be made aware of it.


Live address:
==>Provide live address where you are standing and you can post to any social media.
==>You can find any place.
==>You can mark places as favourite, inorder to reduce time to search it everytime.
==>App will save you last 10 search so you don't have to search every time.
==>Take photo and video with time stamp , place, temperature and date.
==>you can also add description to you photo.
==>Use compass with place, temperature, wind speed.
==>You can also take photo with compass.
==>No need to worry to take photo when you drive vehicle just add limit and it will take photo and video automatically.
==>Both analog and digital speedo meter available.
Distance alarm:
==>No need to worry while travelling just set destination and when you will reach near to your destination app will automatically notify you.
==>App will give you current temperature, Wind speed,humidity
==>App will also give you sunrise and sunset timing.
==>App will also give you prediction of weather of upcoming days.
==>You can search any city in world and app will give weather for that area.
==>Air quality index of your current location also provide O2, PM, SO2,NO2,CO.
==>You can search any place and app will give AQI of that place.
==>You can also compare AQI of 3 cities


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