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Help Live stream keeps dropping

Paul Mars

Dec 6, 2021
Live streams continually drop, rarely recover w\o me refreshing the browser. I tried the apps too, but that didn't help. Applies to wifi and data connections. Phone company reset the service not help. I've twice done a factory data reset, which didn't fix it. Only other apps I've installed are blue mail and goodev volume booster and zoom.

V 7.1.1
Browsers can be fickle for streaming, especially after the screen goes off.

Have you tried any other apps to stream with?

Are you liatening to radio, podcasts, videos, or what?

Perhaps there is a dedicated app that would not drop out so easily.

For radio, this is what I use:


Video is something else. What I watch is usually on Telegram or Tubi.
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Android System Webview

And it looks like I was mistaken, Background restriction is what I was thinking of.

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I am going to assume that your device is using Chrome as a webview.

That was typical for a time.

Go to developers options, and select Webview implementation.

You most likely have Chrome and Android System Webview as your options.

See if you can select Android System Webview.

If you cannot,that means that you have a device that requires you to disable Chrome in order to be able to do this.

Personally, I don't use Chrome, or any Google apps (on the device that I carry), so this was no loss to me.

If you use Chrome as your browser, I can suggest a few that are so much better.

Anyway, check on the above first and then see if switching makes any difference.
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