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Jul 14, 2013
Hi All! I signed up in the hope someone on Phandroid can save my husband's sanity!!! The prob: A BRAND NEW never used Prestigio MultiPhone PAP 4020 DUO phone, just out of box , worked fine while it was being set up. Then out of the blue the following message, which occurs every 30 seconds (I actually timed it!) started to pop up: "Sorry! The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." "Force Close." This appears to be a huge problem across the net with all sorts of suggested fixes, from clearing the cache to a factory reset. This is a NEW never used phone, other than a little test web browsing using our home wifi! All that could be done was the factory reset - to no avail! Switching to aeroplane mode then back again does eventually stop the popup and allows web browsing but it always returns. When the popup pops up it appears to disconnect the phone network - though the phone hasn't actually reached the stage where it has been used to make even one phone call. HELP! Please...

P.S. Apologies if I have sent this to the wrong place, this is the first time to send such a post. Thanks. :)
Hi Liz! And welcome to Android Forums!

Sounds like a corrupt file, likely the phone app. If a factory reset didn't help, the phone may very well need to be replaced. Hopefully you have a warranty or return policy. It's not usual that a brand new phone arrives with a bad system file... but it's not unheard of.

EDIT: Hey Liz, before you do that, try this:

Uninstall any and all facebook apps. Reboot the phone. See if the error stopped. If it did, download the facebook app from Play and install it. See if the error stays gone.

That's a solution I found on Google's site. Let me know if it works. I know it's a stretch, but we can try it, right?

Hope this helps. It's great to have you here! :)
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Hi Chief, Thanks for the reply. We're newish to smartphones so this all a bit hit and miss at the moment. I have read up on zillions of "solutions" including the Facebook suggestion (though I can't find any sign of a Facebook app installed on the phone!) and tried everything that was relevant - to a new phone that has had little use. This problem appears to be happening to others for quite a while and it is not confined to this particular type of phone (which is actually very nice to use!) and amazingly there is no definite fix to date. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I downloaded the latest firmware but that didn't fix anything either! We've new SIM cards on order, so if they don't improve things, as you suggested, it will be returned ... Thanks again for your efforts.
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