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Apps locale is not working on HTC Hero


Jan 18, 2010
I posted this in another forum and have not gotten any feedback besides the suggestion to post here. Here is the original post:

I am so fustrated with this app and its too late for a refund (its been 48 hours since purchase).

As you can assume, its not working for me, not at all. My status in notifications says No active situations--Locale is monitoring your conditions. I have set a situation for work for home and even a 'test' situation. I added then deleted the defaults, I have added and deleted the locations, made sure I let the app 'find' each location, and even tried going by time alone, and it STILL won't come on. my gps is on, all locations setting are on, but that doesnt explain why it would not work by time setting. I have tried turning each situation off and on and re-adjusting the order of priority. I don't know what I am missing.

I was totally mortified today in a meeting at work, with four Korean engineers from Samsung, when my ringer (which I should have doubled checked anyway) does not go to vibrate, or even to my work ringtone as the 'situation' was set for both to occur, but instead starts blasting, at full volume, the theme from Team America World Police. I managed to silence it halfway through the first verse, but that was bad enough.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing?
This is actually the dev forum but I'll give my two cents.

Locale is crap, uninstall it and chalk it up to a $10 lesson learned. They have also been accused of some pretty serious privacy violations.

That's my opnion anyways, it may not jive with other people's, but I'd say ditch it and move on.

I personally use an app named Quick Profiles because I like to be in control of my phone (it's only manual) but YMMV.

Your story gave me a chuckle though :)
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